Keith Waithe

A Celebration of Guyana in Poetry and Music

With John Agard, Malika Booker, Grace Nichols and Keith Waithe

Guyana is a unique country on the continent of South America — from being the only English speaking nation on the mainland to its diverse multiracial population, from its Dutch, Arawak and Caribbean influences to its rich plethora of natural resources, rivers and rainforests. And Guyanese culture is equally as polyphonic, melding ancient rhythms and languages of the indigenous populations with those of newer arrivals from Africa, India and Europe.

Celebrating 50 years since its independence from the United Kingdom are four of the most well-known artists from Guyana, whose work reflects the country’s colourful past and present. Come and listen to three award-winning poets – John Agard, Malika Booker and Grace Nichols – whose lively work moves from a newly independent Guyana to a postcolonial Britain both uncomfortable with its new arrivals yet strangely home. Alongside them is noted flautist Keith Waithe, playing his distinctive fusion of jazz, classical, African, Caribbean, Asian and Western music. The event will open with a reading from Cyril Dabydeen.

It promises to be an unforgettable 50th birthday party!

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