Keith Waithe

Golden Jubilee of Independence 2016

Golden Jubilee National Symposia Series

Theme: Guyana at 50:

Understanding Our Independence Journey
May 23 – 24, 2016 – Arthur Chung Conference Center, Liliendaal, GY
June 5, 2016 – York College, Queens, NY

The Academic Working Group of the National Commemoration Commission, Guyana
The Symposium Sub-Committee, 50th Independence Anniversary Celebrations Committee (New York)
The Guyana Cultural Association of New York, Inc. The University of Guyana

Monday, May 23, 2016

Arthur Chung Conference Center, Liliendaal
09:30: OPENING SESSION (Main Auditorium)

  • National Anthem
  • The National Pledge
  • Welcome: Stephen Lewis (Form 4, Queen’s College)
  • Cultural Item: Medley of Songs (Korokwah Folk Singers)
  • Brief Remarks: Hon. Ms. Nicolette Henry, Minister responsible for Culture, Youth & Sport
  • Cultural Item: National Dance Company
  • Brief Remarks (The Programme): Professor Ivelaw Lloyd Griffith, Vice Chancellor, University of Guyana
  • Cultural Item: Eldorado Verde: Premiere of “is WE own” by Annette Arjoon & Dave Martins
  • Remarks and Declaration: His Excellency Brigadier David Granger, President of the Cooperative Republic of Guyana or Honorable Prime Minister, Mr. Moses Nagamootoo
  • Appreciation: Ruth Canterbury (Form 4, The Bishops High School)

Chairperson: Vibert C. Cambridge, Ph.D., Professor Emeritus, Ohio University

10:30 – 12:00: PLENARY PANEL (Main Hall)
P#1: Who Are We? (Main Hall)
Moderator: Dr. Vibert Cambridge
Respondent: Tota Mangar

  • Dr. Allyson Stoll (University of Guyana). “Between A Little Rock and a Hard Place.”
  • Dr. Paloma Mohamed (University of Guyana, Institute for Peace Action). “Then Let Them See Its Roots”: Tracing National Consciousness Through Letters Published in Guyanese Media (1856 -2016.
  • Dr. Nigel Westmaas (Hamilton College, New York). “The Historical and Contemporary Contours of Guyanese Philosophy.”
  • Dr. David Hinds (Arizona State University). “Post-Colonial Governance in Guyana: Authoritarianism, Ethnic Clientilism and Political Instability.”

12:00: LUNCH
P#2: Lunchtime Performance (The Cafeteria)
Introduction: Al Creighton

  • Ron Bobb-Semple (USA). Slo Fyah

13:00 -14:30: PLENARY PANEL (Main Hall)
P#3: A Conversation About Security and Sovereignty

  • Guyana’s top national security leaders and other stakeholders discuss the nature of the nation’s contemporary internal and external security challenges and countermeasures.
    Moderator: Professor Lloyd Griffith
  • Honorable Khemraj Ramjattan, Vice President and Minister of Public Security
  • Brigadier (Ret.) Edward Collins, Presidential Advisor on National Security
  • Rear Admiral (Ret.) Gary Best, Presidential Advisor on the Environment
  • Dr. Hilton McDavid, Professor of Business and National Security Affairs, University of the West Indies, Mona
  • Captain Gerry Gouveia, CEO, Roraima Airways and member, Private Sector Commission

14:30 – 16:00: CONCURRENT PANELS
P#4: The Journey (Room: BO1)
Moderator: Edward Meertins-George, Esq.
Respondent: Vincent Alexander

  • Estherine Adams and Shammane Joseph (University of Guyana). Partition or Perish: Eusi Kwayana’s Peculiar Solution to Guyana’s Race Problems: 50 Years Later
  • Peter Ramrayka (U.K.). Book Discussion: Recycling a Son of the British Raj
  • Rev. Dr. Gillian Wilson (United Theological College of the West Indies, Jamaica). Burnham and Education, 1965-1985: An Assessment.

P#5: Who Are We? (Room: BO2)
Moderator: Sr. John Brownman
Respondent: Dawn Holder, Esq.

  • Dr. Michael Scott (University of Guyana). The Sociology of Race
  • Angelina Autar (University of Guyana). Mental Health and Depression: A Study of Undergraduate Students at a Caribbean University Using Two Depression Screening Tools.
  • Nadine Sanchara (Ohio University). Glamorization of Alcohol in Contemporary Guyana.
  • Dr. Denis Canterbury (Eastern Connecticut State University). The New Authoritarianism in Guyana—1992-2015.
  • Duane Edwards. Suicide in Guyana: A Sociological Analysis

P#6: Science and Technology (Room: BO3)
Moderator: Lance Hinds
Respondent: Dr. Suresh Narine

  • Dr. Norman Monroe (Florida International University). Climate Change
  • Shanomae Rose (University of Guyana). Green Economy and Transportation
  • Dr. Terence Blackman (Medgar Evers College, City University of New York). Can You Hear the Shape of a Drum?
  • Fidel Captain (USA). Recommendations for 21st Century Post-Secondary Education in Guyana and Other Developing Countries
  • Dr. Carl Niamatali (Guyana.) Guyana Health Challenges for the 21 century -Novel Ideas …new Solutions

P#7: Social, Economic and Political Perspectives on Race in Guyana: The Youth Speak. A Round Table (BO 3)
Moderator: Collin Haynes

  • Atesha Christie, Program Support Officer Youth Challenge Guyana Partners (YCG)
  • Lisa Punch, Prevention of Teenage Suicide (POTS)
  • Ryan Belgrave, Andre Smith, Guyana Youth and Student Movement (GYSM) –
  • Cynthia Rutherford, Youths For Change (YFC)
  • Allister Collins, President’s Youth Award For Guyana (PYARG)
  • Kezia Campbell, Benab Foundation
  • Maya Persam, Queen’s College (QC)

P#8: Performance: Drums and Riddims: The Heart Beat of the Nation (Main Hall)
Moderator: Andrew Tyndall

  • An exploration and celebration of the nation’s ancestral beats featuring among others: Buxton Fusion, National School of Music, National School of Dance, Indus Voices, Andrew Tyndall, Andrea Mentore, Mark Cyrus, Deodat Persaud, and Gavin Mendonca.


Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Arthur Chung Conference Center, Liliendaal
09:30 – 11:00: CONCURRENT PANELS

P#9: Performance. What Can We Become? (Room: BO1)
Introduction: Karen Wharton
Respondent: Alim Hosein

  • Charlene Wilkinson (University of Guyana). Who is Speakin’ Like That?

P#10: Musical Creativity in the post-Independence years: A Round Table (Room: Main Auditorium)
Moderator: Vibert C. Cambridge, Ph.D, Professor Emeritus, Ohio University
Respondent: Stanley Greaves

  • Derry Etkins (St. George’s, British Virgin Island). The Road to Guyana’s Sound
  • Gavin Mendonca (Guyana)
  • Deo Persaud (Guyana). Music and Peace: Buxton Fusion
  • Amar Ramessar (Guyana)
  • Rohan Sagar (Guyana)
  • Burchmore Simon (Guyana)

P#11: Issues in Gender and Development in Guyana (Room: BO2)
Moderator: Dr. Simone James-Alexander
Respondent: Dr. Alissa Trotz (University of Toronto)

  • Dr. Mellissa Ifill (University of Guyana). Compiling Social, Political, and Economic Indicators on the Situation of Women in Guyana.
  • Cecilia McAlmont (University of Guyana). Women Parliamentarians in Guyanese politics.
  • Jewel Thomas (University of Guyana). Barriers to Young Women’s Participation in Politics in Guyana or Women and Identity in Guyana.
  • Dr. Paloma Mohamed (University of Guyana).

P#12: How can we do it? (Room: BO3)
Moderator: Dr. Omannauth Udho
Respondent: Dr. Desmond Thomas

  • Dr. Vishwa Nath Verma (University of Guyana). Nutrients in Local Rice?
  • Dianna DaSilva-Glasgow (University of the West Indies, Trinidad and Tobago). Upgrading In The Global Furniture Value Chain: What Possibilities for Guyana?
  • Tarron Khemraj (tba). Principles and Policies for Guyanese Economic Development
  • Collin Haynes (USA). Restructuring Guyana’s Public Health System
  • Winston Felix (University of Guyana). The Venezuelan Challenge to Guyana’s National Interest

11:15 – 13:15: PLENARY PANEL (Main Hall)
P#13: Contesting Guyana’s Foodways: Reflections on Identity, Development, and Indigeneity, 50 years and Counting.
Moderator: Norwell Hinds (Youth Worker, GuyberNet)
Respondent: Dr. Nigel Westmaas

  • Laura George (Amerindian Peoples’ Association, Guyana). Reflections on Foods and Indigeneity—Post Independence.
  • Mark Chatarpal (Indiana University). The Pesticide Paradox, Biotech companies and Guyanese agricultural politics.
  • Naicelis Rozema (Independent Researcher). Multicultural food consumption? Contextualizing the Food Policies of Guyana, Venezuela, and the United States.
  • Anan Xola (Afri-Can FoodBasket). Local Food: The Sustainable Food Movement in Light of Climate Change and Food Injustice.
  • Arnold De Mendonca (Inter-American Institute for Co-operation in Agriculture, Guyana). Guyana—Strides Towards Food Security.
  • Aruna Panday (York University). Irrigation & Drainage: Technology, Development and Identity in Guyana.
  • Dr. Wazir Mohamed (Indiana University). Intersections of African and East Indians in the History and Memory of Sugar and Rice.

P#14: Society, Religiosity, and Values (Room: BO2)
Moderator: Dr. David Singh
Respondent: Reverend Father Charles Davidson, Anglican Bishop of the Diocese Guyana

  • Vidur Dindayal (United Kingdom). The Four Questions
  • Charles Liverpool (Atlanta). A Just and Caring Society
  • Jolana Watson (Ohio University). Decolonization and Media Technologies
  • Keith Waithe and Dr. Michelle Yaa Asantewa (United Kingdom). Guyanese Komfa: A Ritual Act in Practice

P#15: Eusi Kwayana: “The Great Teacher at Large.” (Room: BO3)
Moderator: Dr. Wazir Mohamed (Indiana University)
Respondent: Estherine Adams (University of Guyana)

  • Dr. Nigel Westmaas (Hamilton College, New York). “Measuring the Extraordinary Range and Depth of Eusi Kwayana’s Prose: A Biographical Assessment.”
  • Dr. David Hinds (Arizona State University). Eusi Kwayana and the Independent Pole in Guyana’s Post-Colonial Political Tradition.
  • Dr. Alissa Trotz (University of Toronto).

P#18: Science and Technology’s Role in Defining Guyana’s Trajectory: Then, Now and What Must Be….Technology.” A Round Table (Room: BO1)
Moderator: Dr. Suresh Narine
Respondent: Dr. Terence Blackman

  • Dr. Charles Griffith
  • Dr. Patrick Chesney

15:30 -17:00: CONCURRENT PANELS: How Do We Get There?
P#16: Economy and Governance (Room: BO1)
Moderator: Stanley Ming
Respondent: Keith Cholmondeley

  • Dianna DaSilva-Glasgow (University of the West Indies, Trinidad and Tobago). Food and Agricultural Exports
  • Ann Persaud (University of Central Lancashire). Public Private Partnership: Ingenious or Idealistic? An Exploration of the Guyana Experience
  • Collin Constantine (Kingston University & University of London). Allocation of Human Capital and Economic Performance in Guyana
  • Dr. Leyland M. Lucas (Morgan State University). Diaspora Engagement.
  • Eric Philips (Guyana). A Just and Caring Soceity

P#17: Repositioning the University of Guyana for National Development (Room: BO2)
Moderator: Dr. Mellissa Ifill (University of Guyana)
Respondent: Dr. Ivelaw Griffith, Vice Chancellor, University of Guyana

  • Dr. Thomas Singh (University of Guyana). Financing Tertiary Education: A Corporate Model.
  • Dr. Patsy Francis (University of Guyana). Exercising Political Control: The Rationale for Autonomy at the University of Guyana.
  • Bruce Haynes (University of Guyana). Quality Operational Services and Strategic Support: The Role of Non-Academic Staff in Repositioning the University of Guyana for National Development.

P#19: Sustainability, Innovation & Entrepreneurship—Mainstreaming through education in Guyana with links to the Caribbean and Global Community: A Round Table (Room: B03)
Moderator: Dr. Maya A. Trotz (University of South Florida)
Respondent: Dawn Fox (Guyana)

  • Dr. Michelle Foster (West Virginia)
  • Ayanna Young Marshall (Guyana)
  • Saran Nurse (USA)
  • Petal Punalall-Jetoo (Guyana)

17:00: CLOSING PLENARY (Main Hall)

  • Dr. James Rose
  • Dr. Nigel Gravesande (University of Guyana). Rapporteur’s interim report


Sunday, June 5, 2016

York College, The City University of New York, 94-20 Guy R Brewer Blvd, Jamaica, NY 11451
08:00 – Noon: Registration
09:30: Opening Plenary Session (Faculty Dining Room)

  • National Anthem
  • Premiere of Is We Own by Annette Arjoon & Dave Martins.
  • Welcome remarks
  • Conference Logistics

10:00 – 11:30 CONCURRENT PANEL
P#20: Who Are We? (Room 3B01)
Moderator: Dr. Pauline Baird
Respondent: TBD

  • Vidur Dindayal (United Kingdom). The Four Questions
  • Dr. Rory Fraser (University of Alabama). Guyana Nature
  • Dr. Kimani Nehusi (Temple University). Ancestral Land, Ancestral Memory and Re-memory.

P#21: What Has Been Our Journey? (Room 3C04)
Moderator: Hugh Hamiliton
Respondent: Dr. Rudy Jadoopat

  • Damion Trent (USA). Guyana, A farce of Independence
  • Dr. Judy Gleason Carew (University of Kentucky). Jan Carew on Guyanese culture
  • Dr. Aliyah Khan (University of Michigan). Estate and Exile
  • Dr. Lear Matthews (Empire State College, CUNY) and Desmond Roberts (Independent Researcher). Diaspora Identity
  • Dr. Godfrey L Brandt (Godfrey Okeye University). Land of the Lost Jaguar: On Conceptions of Home and Ideologies of Return in the Contemporary Guyanese Diaspora

P#22: What Can We Become? (Room 3C05)
Moderator: TBD
Respondent: Dr. Dhanpaul Narine

  • Eric Phillips (Guyana). Towards a Just and Caring Future.
  • Dr. Terence Blackman (Medgar Evers College, City University of New York). Can you hear the Shape of a Drum?
  • Tarron Khemraj (USA) Economic Development
  • Dr. Denis Canterbury (Eastern Connecticut State University) The ‘New’ Authoritarianism in Guyana—1992 to 2015

11:30-12:30: LUNCH
P# 23: What can we become? (Room 3B01)
Moderator: Gaitura Bahadur
Respondent: TBD

  • Dr. Rory Fraser (University of Alabama). Place and Identity.
  • Dr. Regina Bernard-Carreno (Baruch College, City University of New York) Preserving Guyanese Culture ( a performance)
  • James Richmond (USA). Evolution of Guyanese Unique Creative Poetic Art Form
  • Dr. Shamir Ally (William Loveland College) Servant leadership
  • Ronald Lammy (Guyana Cultural Association of New York, Inc.). GCA Awards

P# 24: How can we get there? (Room 3C04)
Moderator: Ngozi Moses
Respondent: Dr. Wazir Mohamed

  • Dr. Leyland M. Lucas (Morgan State University). Role of the University in a Developing Economy
  • Dr. Lorraine Emeghebo (Molloy College) Partnership to Enhance Nursing Education in Guyana
  • Dr. (Rudy) Rampadarat Jadoopat (New York, USA). A Strong Correlation Between the Economic Development of Guyana and its International Economic Relations.
  • Dr. Michael Ralph (College and University Professional Accreditation Services). A Call to Action: The Fierce Urgency of Now: A Blueprint for Guyana Diaspora Engagement.
  • Sase Singh (USA). What Can We Become of Sugar

P# 25: “Beyond the water’s edge: The nexus between defense and diplomacy in Guyana” (Room 3C05)
Moderator: Professor Ivelaw Lloyd Griffith
Respondent: Colin Moore, Esq

  • Ambassador George W. Talbot
  • Col. (Ret.) Desmond Roberts
  • Captain Gerry Gouveia, CEO, Roraima Airways and member, Private Sector Commission

14:00-15:30: PLENARY SESSION
P# 26: Diaspora engagement
Moderator: Dr. Rovin Deodat
Respondent: Kojo Nnamdi

  • Dr. Leyland M. Lucas (Morgan State University). Leveraging the Diaspora for Community Economic Development.
  • Dr. Lear Matthews (Empire College, City University of New York) and Col. (Ret.) Desmond Roberts (Independent Researcher)
  • Dr. Carl Niamatali (Guyana.) Guyana Health Challenges for the 21 century -Novel Ideas …new Solutions


  • Ms. RKHTY (USA). A Song.
  • Professor Ivelaw Lloyd Griffith
  • Dr. Nigel Gravesande (University of Guyana). Rapporteur’s Interim Report