Keith Waithe

Parliamentary Reception honouring both Loyle Carner and Keith Waithe

Once again, we are delighted to be honouring both Loyle Carner and Keith Waithe at our Latin American Travel Association (LATA) Parliamentary Reception on 10th March 2020.

The LATA Parliamentary Reception is attended by Lords, MPs, Ambassadors, LATA members and guests with a keen interest in Latin American tourism such as chefs, artists, and previous recipients of the award. The aim is to raise the profile of Latin American tourism and encourage greater ties between the UK and Latin America.

Below is an outline of the running order although please note that this is subject to change.

Running Order:

19:00: Guests Arrive
19:15: Welcome from Mark Menzies MP
19:20: Address TBC
19:30: Address from Colin Stewart, LATA Chairman
19:40: Address from Jude Berry, LATA Foundation Chairman
19:45: Hall of Fame Induction
19:50: Special Recognition Award – Loyle Carner and Keith Waithe for their ‘BBC: The Sound Odyssey’ in Guyana

As part of the Special Recognition Award, both Loyle Carner and Keith Waithe will give a short acceptance speech talking about their experience. The acceptance speech will focus on the positive elements of their trip and the destination as well as talking a bit about their personal relationship with Guyana.

Loyle Carner and Keith Waithe will also perform a short performance.