Keith Waithe

Keith Waithe’s Magic Christmas

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Cerys celebrates with a Guyana Christmas party. Flautist and composer Keith Waithe, who most recently took Loyle Carner to Georgetown Guyana to explore his Guyanese roots for Radio 4’s Sound Odyssey gets the party going with some Calypso. Keith Waithe is a professional musician, composer and band leader of Keith Waithe and the Macusi Players. He has been playing for most of his life across Guyana, South America, and England.

He holds workshops and master classes and has been a regular act over the last 20 years at Ealing Jazz festival. Alongside all of this Keith also owns one of the largest collections of flutes – with over 200 – from all over the world. Thomas Waters also stops by to discuss his new book ‘Cursed Britain: A History Of Witchcraft and Black Magic in Modern Times’, out now on Yale University Press. ‘Cursed Britain’ is the definitive history of how evil magic has survived into the present day.

The book ranges from wise-women to the deliverance ministry, from Victorian occultists to New Age therapists, to reveal why witchcraft has persisted, and why it is again on the rise… Dr Thomas Waters is a lecturer in history at Imperial College London and a specialist in the modern history of witchcraft and magic. This is his first book. Read less