Keith Waithe

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The Very Best of Keith Waithe


Literally a collection of sounds, crossing genres with ease in true Keith Waithe style. All original compositions is a collage of soulful jazz, Caribbean folk pieces, South Asian ‘Guyana With Love’ the powerful Guyanese South American piece infused wih Waithe’s uplifting flute melodies and the interplay between these melodies and stunning vocals.

This album demonstrates Waithe’s skill as a composer for radio and television showing skill and versatility that can draw together classic jazz, reggae and folk pieces with an undercurrent of African, Caribbean and Asian percussion that has become the signature Keith Waithe sound.

In Keith’s own words “I’ve shifted from being merely a vehicle for music to drawing on influences that span from the creativity of my ancestors to that of current culture in both composing and arranging”. This studio recording lends a clarity that allows all the elements of the music through, the stirring lithe flute, affecting vocals and often beautifully  languorous backing acheived through the fusion of flute, piano, guitar drums and percussion.

Tracks on the album draw on the writing and composition of Waithe himself. Waithe’s pieces, ‘Guyana With Love’, ‘Ska Beat’, ‘Mayah’ and ‘Kaikara Dreaming’ leave no doubt as to the skill and beauty of his compositions, infused with sensuous melodies and a deep respect for the origins they are drawn from.

A number of ‘The Very Best of Keith Waithe’ tracks have been developed through the ongoing Macusi Players tour allowed warm and enthralling compositions. From this mellow beginning springs the Waterfall Trance, folk-inspired ‘African Sunrise’, coupling lilting flute ‘vocals’ with spoken word from Keith Waithe’s son – hip hop artist Taharka.

The album continues to fluctuate seamlessly between the mellow, sensuous and celebratory with a sense of reflection.